DataFlex Content Manager 4.5 Released - Simply better and with more features
Updated on 2016Mrt25
The latest verion of DataFlex Content Manager 4.5 for DataFlex 18.2 is released.In the March 2016. New in this version is report on unused items. The Studio user can get a report of unused pages, products or files based on different criteria. Also the Studio user can configure the column displayed in...
DataFlex Content Manager 4.4 Released - Check out the new content authorization module
Updated on 2014Aug11
In the March 2012, DataFlex Content Manager 4.4 for DataFlex 17.0 was released. New in this version of DataFlex Content Manager is the content authorization module. The content authorization module allows the studio administrator user  to set rights/permissions on the categories, pages, files,...
DataFlex Content Manager 4.3 Released - Now with a guestbook module
Updated on 2014Aug11
In the May 2011, DataFlex Content Manager 4.3 for DataFlex 16.1 was released.   New in this version of DataFlex Content Manager is the guestbook module. The guestbook module allows website visitors to leave comments on pages. With the API’s it is easy to build guestbooks but it can also...
DataFlex Content Manager 4.2 Released - We've added a new MyWebsite
Updated on 2014Aug11
In the autumn 2010, DataFlex Content Manager 4.2 for DataFlex 16.0 was released. This new version features a brand new MyWebsite design that shows the latest features of DataFlex Content Manager. The advanced templates show new ways of using DataFlex Content Manager that allows the maintenance of great...
DataFlex Content Manager 4.1 Released - New improvements for Search Engine Optimization
Updated on 2014Aug11
In December 2009, DataFlex Content Manager 4.1 for DataFlex 15.1 was released. This new version features improved Search Engine Optimization options including friendly URL’s and several performance improvements....