Synergy 2013 - a boot stomping good time!

Updated on 2014Jul11

DataFlex developers and stakeholders gather in Music City, USA!

The DataFlex developers and stakeholders who gathered in Music City, USA for Synergy 2013 were treated to not only an in-depth review all of the important aspects of the DataFlex Web Framework, as well as presentations by some of the finest independent DataFlex developers the world over, but also to some seriously good times!


Be sure to review the Synergy 2013 Presentations that we have available for download - we welcome everyone to view the presentations and hope you will find the information helpful


Many Synergy attendees were seen taking photos at Synergy 2013. If you would like to share your photos with the community, please let us know by sending us a link to your photos if they’re posted online, or by e-mailing your low-resolution photos to us and we’ll post them in our photo gallery.

Future conferences

Several conferences take place all over the world throughout the year. These events present the most current information regarding our family of products, are paired with invaluable training sessions, and are the best occasions to meet face-to-face with fellow developers. We hope that you will consider participating in one of these fantastic opportunities. Save the dates today!

  • ScanDUC 2013 in Lund, Sweden: September 18-20
  • Corroborree 2013 in Bali, Indonesia: November 7-9
  • DISD 2014 in Dallas, TX: March 27-29, 2014
  • EDUC 2014 in Bruges, Belgium: May 15-16, 2014

What attendees said about Synergy 2013…

"Great conference with important content and a vision of the future for Data Access and their loyal developers."

"Awesome people great community :) Thank you for the great experience!"

"Synergy is an extraordinary experience and opportunity to keep in touch with the board of DAW executives and customers, great information content, unique networking with developers from all over the world, very well planned and organized. I can assure that this is the best investment for the DataFlex community.

"The conference was great reassurance that Data Access will be supplying me with tools to stay productive and profitable as a programmer/consultant into the future. Thanks Data Access!

"It was the first Synergy I attended, learned a lot about the community and the new framework. Overall I was really impressed by the presentations and Nashville, loved it."

"Synergy 2013 - changing the game for all of us, all over the world!"

"A very enjoyable and fun conference with the star of the show being the new 17.1 web framework. Simply amazing and amazingly simple! A huge pat on the back for all at Data Access. Well done!"

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