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Updated on 2014Jul11
by admin

Data Access’ Vincent Oorsprong has written a series of ten DataFlex Reports and the Web developer blogs to assist DataFlex developers with developing reporting solutions that complement the new DataFlex Web Application Framework.

As was demonstrated at the recently held Synergy 2013 developer conference, it’s easy to make web-based applications using the DataFlex Web Application Framework, and a very important aspect of this is reporting. Data Access advises the use of two reporting solutions to meet this challenge - Dynamic AI and DataFlex Reports.

It’s relatively easy to integrate these two reporting solutions in a web application built with the DataFlex Web Application Framework. To show this, we have created two demonstration websites where the power of Dynamic AI and DataFlex Reports as reporting solutions are shown in real time. In these blogs, Vincent will show you what is behind the DataFlex Reports demonstration website, and how it is made.

Get started by reading Vincent’s first entry in this very important series about web reporting with DataFlex Reports.

  • Learn more about DataFlex Reports for application reporting.
  • Learn more about Dynamic AI for advanced reporting and business intelligence solutions.
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