DataFlex Content Manager 3.0 released - Rigorous redesign and restructuring

Updated on 2014Aug11
by admin

At the start of 2007, DataFlex Content Manager 3.0 for DataFlex 12.0 saw the light of day. Since the previous release, DataFlex Content Manager 2.0, the CMS has gone through some rigorous redesign and restructuring but also on a functional level some needed changes were made. DataFlex Content Manager 3.0 adds a Design area to manage the website directory, a full-fledged Webshop, a Reporting Module, a technique to secure the files made available on the website, a possibility to add external links in the menu, a customizable website directory structure and the possibility to customize date formats. On top of that the separation between documents and pages was removed to make building and maintaining a website easier than ever!

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