BenQ-Siemens S68

BenQ-Siemens S68
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If you think metal just looks elegant, wait till you feel the new S68 in your palm. Smooth, sleek, and stunning, just as you'd expect from high class German engineering. A phone crafted to perfection with all the essentials you desire, without any of the unnecessary frills. Instead, what you get is no-nonsense elegance, the perfect ergonomics, an outstanding display, superior audio performance and swift access to vital functions.

Style comes from simplicity
How do you make a style statement the understated way? With the S68's stylish, slim design of course, enhanced with a premium finish in brushed aluminum on its front face and soft-touch lacquer on the back. Feel at ease with its clearly separated, illuminated keys and an excellent, high-resolution display which allows superior visibility from all angles.

Voice above all else
The simple truth is that talking is still the best communication. That's why the S68 is optimized for ideal talking convenience, in its slimness, weight, touch-feel and usability. By engineering its dual-speaker system within a compact space, it's designed to give a much superior sound performance for conference calls, without the slightest compromise on its sound quality.

Control with convenience. Get empowered by easy-touch efficiency. Access all your important contact numbers with the "Fast Dialing Key". Simply flick the dedicated side keys for voice messaging and the dictating machine. Quickly browse through the main functions with the simplified menu tree. And let the convenience of Bluetooth® make your life simpler on the go.

Work at your own pace Every detail in the S68 has been perfected for quick, intuitive use for business efficiency. Manage your e-mails on the move for smoother workflow. Remote-synchronize your calendar & organizer with your PC to stay in control. And enjoy a wide range of Bluetooth®-related accessories, including a stylish desktop SyncStation, car kits and headsets, to stay a step ahead.

Enhance your performance Headset Bluetooth® Comfort HHB-160 Nimble and weighing only 19g, the Headset Bluetooth® Comfort HHB-160 combines ultimate wearing comfort with state of the art performance. - Stylish, compact and discreet design - 240 hours' standby time, 8 hours' talk time - Functions up to 10 meters away from the phone

SyncStation DSC-100 To swiftly exchange data between the phone and your PC via USB interface, opt for the SyncStation DSC-100. It gives your desk and keeps it charged at the same time.

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