Olympus SP-350

Olympus SP-350
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Product number: 225715
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The SP-350 has an above average bundle. Inside the box, you'll find:

  • The 8.0 effective Megapixel SP-350 camera
  • CR-V3 lithium battery pack (not rechargeable)
  • Wrist strap
  • USB cable
  • A/V cable
  • CD-ROM featuring Olympus Master software and drivers
  • Basic manual (printed) + full manual on CD-ROM

Beginning in 2005 Olympus began building memory into their cameras instead of including a memory card. The SP-350 has 25MB of internal memory, which isn't very much considering the camera's resolution: that only holds just four photos at the highest JPEG quality. That means that you'll need to buy a larger memory card and factor that into the initial price of the camera. The SP-350 uses xD Picture Cards, which are on the expensive side. I'd recommend a 512MB or even 1GB card as good starter size. While there are high speed xD cards available, Olympus doesn't say if the camera takes advantage of them, and since I don't have one, I can't test it myself.

The SP-350 uses two AA or one CR-V3 battery. They include a lithium CR-V3 battery in the box, which will end up in your trash after a few hours of shooting. Thus, I recommend picking up a set or two of NiMH rechargeables (2300 mAh or better) and a fast charger. Unfortunately Olympus does not publish battery life numbers for the camera, so I can't compare it against the competition.

I like cameras that use AA batteries since you can drop in off-the-shelf alkalines when the rechargeables run low. Try that on your li-ion-powered camera next time! Few cameras these days use AA batteries, unfortunately.

The SP-350 has a built-in lens cover so there are no clumsy lens caps to worry about.

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